I was walking my dog the other day and looked up, higher than average. I pass this community garden often, but never paid close attention to the sign. It’s not just any community garden. It’s a pollinator garden. Yes, it’s beautiful for us humans to enjoy, but I love that it’s especially for birds, bees and butterflies.

My brain was in “work” mode, so it immediately struck me how the importance of differentiation seeps into our regular non-business lives. That garden has a key differentiator that serves a special purpose: It helps the bees and butterflies solve a problem, which…

One simple exercise that will change how your marketing performs

It’s easy for brands to lose sight of who they’re talking to, and how. Focus gets tied up in the development of the product or service itself, competition or operational issues. In some cases, the feeling is that the value proposition is so good that everything is just “working”–but no matter how great the value proposition, if you’re not intentionally connecting your content with what drives your ideal customer and what they need, they will go somewhere else where they feel understood and respected. Creating marketing personas can help keep them with you.

The poor ROI of woo minus intention

As humans, we too can lose focus…

Kelly Berdine

Founder & Spirit Guide | Fresh Co. Digital Marketing| Treat marketing like your 1:1 relationships | freshco.io

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